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Airport & Airfield Design - Runway, Taxiway, Apron, Vehicle Service Roads, Primary Security Line (PSL) Fence, Construction Phasing, Terminals and Facilities

  • Geometric design (Civil3D modeling, AviPlan)

  • Geotechnical engineering (subsurface explorations,foundation design, subgrade stabilization, ground improvement, retaining walls, slope stabilization)

  • Pavement engineering (pavement assessment & design, FAARFIELD, BAKFAA, COMFAA)

  • Grading and drainage (Civil3D, SSA, StormCAD)

  • Signage and pavement marking

  • Construction phasing (CSPP, 7460, MOT, Jetblast analysis)



Geotechnical and Pavement Engineering

​Roadway Design – Highways, Interchanges, Intersections, and Streets

Site Development - Institutional, commercial and residential

  • Site plan/parking/ADA (Civil3D, AutoCAD)

  • Geotechnical engineering (subsurface exploration, ground improvement, retaining wall, slope stabilization, foundation design)

  • Grading and drainage (Civil3D, SSA, StormCAD)

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